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The first subway was opened in Bahrain, outside of North America, in December 1984. Subway offers a wide range of products you can order online without wasting your precious time to get to the restaurant. There are eight main categories in the Subway menu, however, all of the products might not be available in every franchise of the Subway. These categories include Featured products, Breakfast, Simple Menu, Salads, Sandwiches, Fresh Fit choices, Fresh Fit for kids, drinks and extras! There are also offers like weekly specials, nightly specials, College specials, and Freebies to give the best service to their customers!


subway menu

Subway offers you safety, you can view the ingredients and their nutritional value before ordering. This helps you in choosing the right food for you that doesn’t cause allergy and is delicious! You can also take expert’s advice, all the items in the Subway menu are overseen by nutrition specialists who can guide you to eat healthier to be healthy! The Subway has items that have less fat, less sodium, less saturated fats and less cholesterol and more nutritional value that makes it healthier to eat, for example, Fresh Fit™. The bread used to make 6” subs contain vitamin D and calcium that can give you the equal amount of nutrients as a glass of milk! They have freshly baked bread in their restaurants to provide their customers with the quality food and the best service.

The Subway menu is the most wanted among the students. A new step Subway has taken in order to ensure the good health of their customer is by not using artificial flavors, without sacrificing the good taste of their products. This is really a good step announced by Subway on June 4, 2015, however, this is only available in some of the restaurants of Subway, as in North America. The American fast-food is now going through a process of good change. There are a variety of items in the restaurant which you can choose to have, there are also some of the items with heart check certification having less cholesterol and fats that reduce the risk of heart attack and heart-related disease. The item with heart check certification mark includes Fresh Fit Meals for kids and Chopped Salad Meals including Black forest Ham and low-fat Turkey Breast.

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