Subway Platters

Subway Platters is one of the most ideal menus for get together, social meetings or family parties. These platters are made on a variety of freshly baked breads including delicious cold meats, freshly prepared salads and tasty sauces. Every subway platter consists of 16 conveniently sized 3 inch subs. This package of subway platters make it perfect to be ordered in scenarios of group meals or meetings. Along with subway platters, you can definitely add salads, cookies, drinks and crisps of your own choice.

One of the best thing regarding subway platters is that you can simply place an order of subway platters by phone or by visiting the webpage. Orders are readily accepted by subway UK a day before the delivery till 4:30 pm.

In order to attract as many customers as possible, subway UK has subway platters of different flavors that suite different group of people. Subway Platter, Classic Platter, Lite Platter, Meat Feast Platter and Veggie are some of the flavors being offered at subway UK.

  • Sandwich Platters

It is the most commonly ordered platter in UK. Whenever you are about to have informal meeting with friends, Sandwich platters can be best to have. These are made fresh at the time of order. Sandwich platters are piled high with different delicious and taste bud tempting things you love to have. Subway also gives you the opportunity to make your own platter the way you like.
The following items are available under the category of Sandwich Platters.

  • Flavor Craver Platter

It features the Subway Club, Roast Beef, Spicy Italian, Italian B.M.T and Turkey Breast. It also contains 15 portions

  • Subway Fresh Fit Platter

It features the Veggie Delite, Black Forest Ham, Turkey Breast, SUBWAY CLUB® and the Turkey Breast. It contains 15 portions.

  • Customize Your Own Platter

You can also make your own platter the way you like. It also contains 15 portions.

  • Classic Platter

It is a classic Combo Platter. It features Cold Cut Combo, Turkey Breast, Tuna and Italian B.M.T. It contains 15 Portions.

  • Lite Platter

This platter consists of Turkey Breast & Ham, Veggie Delite, Chicken Breast and Beef. Each subway Lite platter consists of 16 portions each of size 3 inch.

  • Turkey Breast & Ham

It consists of delicious slices of turkey breast and ham.

  • Veggie Delite

It consists of combination of vegetables of your own choice.

  • Chicken Breast

It consists of boneless chicken breast strips that are roasted.

  • Beef

A classic favorite made with lean and tender sliced roast beef

  • Meat Feast Platter

Meat Feast Platter is a selection of Italian B.M.T, Subway Club, Ham and Chicken Breast sandwiches.

  • Italian B.M.T

Italian B.M.T is a classic Italian sandwich. It is filled with Genoa salami, spicy pepperoni and Black Forest Ham.

  • Subway Club

In subway club, sliced turkey breast, lean roast beef and tasty Black Forest ham are combined along with the vegetable of your choice.

  • Ham

It is made up of bread and spread of mustard is done on it. It also includes piece of shaved ham, wheat, pickles, mustards and tom

  • Chicken Breast

It consists of juicy chicken breast strips.

  • Veggie Platter

This platter is about selection of Veggie Delite and Veggie Patty sandwiches. For vegetarians, this platter is just awesome. Its taste is really good. For health conscious people, this is the best platter as it contains less fat.

  • Veggie Delite

Veggie delite is a classical, crunchy and delicious. It is a combination of lettuce, tomatoes, green peppers, cucumbers and onions on freshly baked bread.

  • Veggie Patty

It includes soy, carrots, corn and red peppers.

Classic Platter


Chicken Breast

Tuna with light Mayonnaise

Spicy Italian (Pepperoni and Salami)

Veggie Delite®

Lite Platter


Turkey Breast* & Ham t

Veggie Delite®

Chicken Breast


Meat Feast Platter


Italian B.M.T.® (Pepperoni, Salami & Ham†)

SUBWAY CLUB® (Turkey Breast*, Beef & Ham†)


Chicken Breast




Veggie Patty