Subway Drinks


Subway is world’s renowned food chain. Customers love eating different sort of meals at different franchises of subway. Once you are over with the meals, you do not feel comfortable until you have a drink. Considering the demand of user, subway UK has kept different sort of drinks for its customers.

  • Ice Cold Soft Drinks:-

Soft drinks are a must entity with subway subs. Ice cold soft drinks makes a great combination with subway subs. Customers can have different sort of soft drinks along with their meals. There is big range of ice cold soft drinks that includes Coke, Diet coke, Sprite and Fanta Orange. Diet coke is especially kept for people who have sugar. Pure water is kept for customers who avoid soft drinks. Juices are also kept for customers. A special juice named Tropicana is kept for customers who love having juice. Tropicana is juice making company in UK. There are juices are 100 percent pure and are totally fresh. Subway provides its customers with excellent quality of soft drinks, juices and water.

  • Capri Sun Fruit Crush:-

Capri Sun Fruit Crush is made with 75% Fruit Juice and 25% Spring Water. It is a blend of fruit juice and water. There is no added sugar or sweeteners so it is good for health conscious people. It is 200 ml pack of juice. It contains zero fat. There is no artificial color, flavors or preservatives added. It is available in 3 delicious flavors. Fruit Crush Apple and Black Currant, Fruit Crush Apple and Pear and Fruit Crush Tropical are three of its flavors.

  • Hot Drinks:-

In extremely chilly weather in UK, subway UK will provide its customers with its best stuff of hot drinks. The hot drinks available at subway UK include coffee, tea and hot chocolate. All these 3 hot drinks are healthy and of excellent quality. On a cold chilly afternoon, nothing can be better than a hot drink after having a meal from subway UK.