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Subway is an American fast food restaurant that was founded by Fred DeLuca along with his partner Dr. Peter Buck. It is the restaurant that is renowned for selling submarine sandwiches and salads worldwide. It is the time of 1965 when a seventeen year old entrepreneur opened a submarine sandwich shop in order to help his family for paying his MBBS fee. Its first store is located in Bridgeport USA. The goal of its foundation was to serve high quality food with an excellent customer service. Today subway is ranked as the world’s largest submarine sandwich chain with over 37000 franchises around the world.

London franchises of Subway are world renowned for their quality products and excellent service. There are numerous branches of subway restaurant in London and some of them offer the facility of making your own burger. The franchise which we are going to look at is the one located on Upper Street London. It delivers fast food at your door in case you order at It also has the facility of dine in or take away. You just need to choose from the menu. They are there to cook and deliver right in front of you in a very short time span. Have a look on the  Subway menu London, they are offering in detail.

Let’s have a look at the famous subs. They are renowned for their 6 inch fantastic subs. They can be served with choice of bread, cheese, salad and sauce. There are multiple subs available like Turkey breast, ham sub, spicy Italian, veggie delite etc.

Next in the list come cookies. We can choose from double chocolate chip, rainbow candy chip and chocolate chip.

Crisps come next in menu. We can choose from Walkers Ready Salted, Walkers Cheese and Onion and from Walkers Salt and Vinegar.

Salads are just a treat to have. Subways are known for their salads. We can choose from chicken breast, turkey breast and from some other items.


Extras are the items that can be taken with every other meal you order. They are not a particular meal. These include extra cheese, extra chorizo, extra cheese Footlong, extra bacon, extra meat and extra bacon Footlong.

Platters served by Subways are also very special. Veggie platter, classic platter and meat feast platter are also served here.

Seeing this entire menu, one cannot stop himself from eating from subway menu London. All these items included in menu are available at a reasonable price. In short quality and high standard food is available for eating in an economic price.

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