Subway Kids Pak

Children consist of major population in today’s world. They are also given a special status as they are going to grow up and lead the world. Every business organization hence has a special focus on kids. Sooner or later these organizations release some packages for kids. Same is the case with subway. In order to attract kids towards their outlets, they have kept a special package named “Kids Pack” for them. Kids Pack has been made up by looking at the choice of children. They are going to get everything in this which I child may want to have.

  • Ham:

Ham is one of the most common types of sandwich. The bread used in this sandwich can be buttered or toasted. It contains two pieces of sliced bread along with sliced ham. You can definitely add your favorite vegetable if you like. Ham with and without vegetables is liked by people. It varies person to person if he wants veggie in it or not. Serving size of ham is 134g. There are 174 calories in 1 serving of ham.

  • Turkey Breast:

Turkey Breast is an American classic sandwich. It is one of those sandwiches which people have been eating since very old times. The uniqueness of its taste makes it matchless when compared to other sandwiches. For health/diet conscious people, this dish provides the luxury of fat free meal. It is made from special breast Turkey meat. In Turkey breast, we can add anything like lettuce, tomatoes or banana peppers. You can make it the way you like by adding ingredients of your own choice.

  • Veggie Delite:

It is one of the most traditional, crispy and tasty sandwiches. This sandwich can be prepared by combination of vegetables like lettuce, tomatoes, green peppers, cucumbers and onions. Its combination on freshly baked bread can be really delicious. Customers, who want low fat food, can easily have it as it contains negligible amount of fats in it.

  • Roast Beef:

Roast beef are sometimes named as roast beef sandwiches. This is the combination of bread, cold roast beef, lettuce and mustard. Using red onions and powdered chili pepper gives it a unique taste and makes it different from other meals.