Subway Featured Products

Featured products are those products that are given special prominence. The reason for this prominence may be due to the fact that they are exclusively made for customers. Subway restaurants all over the world also put up their featured products. Mostly the featured products are subs as they are the most renowned items in their menu. Subway Canada also has a featured product. It is Prime Rib Melt. This sub is the unique product of subway Canada and is only available at subway franchises in Canada. It is one of the great subs to have. People, who travel Canada, are always looking for this featured product.

Prime rib melt is made up of thick cut of juicy Canadian beef. Beef is cut into layers and is then added with melted cheese. It is a must eat sandwich. The serving size of prime rib melt sandwich is 256g. The total calories in the sandwich are 410. Total fat is 13g. There is lettuce and tomato to go along with the prime rib pieces and Provolone cheese. Other ingredients include 2 loaves, garlic cloves, butter, Swiss cheese and horseradish.

Prime rib melt is a great addition to subway menu Canada. People of all ages love to have this sandwich. The honor of Featured Product that has been given to it that makes it much more special in the eyes of people. Prime rib melts definitely deserves a go by the customers. They are surely going to enjoy.