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It is an American classic sandwich. For health/diet conscious people, this dish provides the luxury of fat free meal. It is made from special breast Turkey meat. In Turkey breast, we can add anything like lettuce, tomatoes or banana peppers. You can make it the way you like by adding ingredients of your own choice.


It is one of the most traditional, crispy and tasty sandwiches. This sandwich can be prepared by combination of vegetables like lettuce, tomatoes, green peppers, cucumbers and onions. Its combination on freshly baked bread can be really delicious. Customers, who want low fat food, can easily have it as it contains negligible amount of fats in it.

Turkey and Ham:

It is one of the tastiest sandwiches consisting of very less fat. Turkey breast and Black forest ham is served on freshly baked bread along with your favorite vegetable.


Ham is one of the most common types of sandwich. The bread used in this sandwich can be buttered or toasted. Serving size of ham is 134g. There are 174 calories in 1 serving of ham.

Subway Italian Spicy Salami Pepperoni:

It is a mixture of pepperoni and salami that has been further topped with cheese. For a unique and exciting taste, try spicy Italian with crisp vegetable of your choice.






Category 2:


Oven Roasted Chicken is also known as chicken sandwiches. The basic ingredient is baked bread. The bread is then further filled topped with your favorite ingredients like spicy jalapenos or crisp green peppers.


Subway Melt Turkey Ham:

Freshly baked bread is stuffed with ingredients like sliced turkey breast, crispy bacon, black forest ham and fluffy egg white. Melted cheese is then put into it. You can add vegetables of your own choice. It is a delicious menu of subway and mostly it is taken in breakfast. Both formed and reformed meet can be used in it. Salad suggestions that can be used in this sub include Lettuce, Tomato, Cucumber, Peppers, Jalapenos and Red Onion. Sauce suggestions include Southwest Sauce or Honey Mustard Sauce.

BMT Italian Ham:

Italian BMT is commonly known as Biggest, Meatiest, and Tastiest sandwich. Italian B.M.T is a traditional Italian sandwich. It consists of Genoa salami, spicy pepperoni and Black Forest Ham. This sandwich also gives you the liberty of adding your favorite vegetables on freshly baked breads.

Subway Club Beef Sliced Turkey Ham:

Subway club is made by the combination of sliced turkey breast, lean roast beef and tasty black forest ham. Fresh vegetables of your choice can be added. It just contains 6g of fats and hence can easily be considered as the best meal for health/diet conscious people.


Category 3:

Beef into Slices:

Beef is a very delicious meat of lamb. It is a very adaptable meat as it can be cooked and eaten in different ways. It can be roasted as special meal or cooked. It needs to be cooked slowly. Beef sub is made by taking fresh beef and topping it off with fire-roasted onions and peppers and vegetables of your choice. It is then served with fresh baked breads.

Chicken Teriyaki:

A sandwich that is made with ingredients like teriyaki-glazed chicken breast strips, onions, lettuce, tomatoes, green peppers and olives. Taste of the teriyaki is simply best when served with sweet onion sauce.

Subway Steak and Cheese Beef Onion, Bell Pepper:

Steak and Cheese are piled onto freshly baked bread along with vegetable of your own choice. This is the best sandwich to have. Pepper along with beef and onion are there to enlighten the taste of sandwich.

Chicken Tikka:

Chicken Tikka sub is made by placing a piece of chicken breast with tikka paste. Salad suggestions for this sub include Lettuce, Tomato, Cucumber, Peppers and Red Onion. Sauce suggestions for this sub include Hot Chilli. It is a 6-inch Sub values that includes 9-Grain wheat bread, lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, green peppers and onions. A special chicken tikka spread is poured over the bread and then stuffed with cheese in order to make this sub special.

Subway Meatball Marinara Meatball Beefs:

It is one of the most comforting Sub. It consists of meat balls. Best part is that you can make the Sub the way you want it. Salad suggestions that can be used in this sub include Tomato, Cucumber, Peppers, Jalapenos, Red Onion. Sauce suggestion includes Tasty Marinara.


The taste of tuna is simply great. It gives you the liberty to add vegetable of your own choice. Flaked tuna is mixed with mayo and then you can add a vegetable of your own choice and give it the taste of your liking.

Category 1

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Category 2

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Category 3

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Category 1 subs includes the Turkey, Pork Ham sliced with smoked taste. Category 2 is of Turkey, Pork Ham, Chicken, Beef slices, salted with added milk proteins and some other flavors.