Subway Breads and Toppings France

  • Bread

It is food that is prepared from a dough of flour and water. Baking is usually done to make it. Subway menu France is renowned for its high quality, hygienic and delicious breads. Breads are the major ingredients of most of the subs. These pieces of bread are made on daily basis. They are available for Sub 15 and Sub 30. There are 4 different kinds of breads available.

  • White Bread:

This bread is made from wheat flour. The bran and germ layers are removed from the wheat in order to make it. There are 265 calories in 1 serving of white bread.

  • Oat and Honey:

The primary ingredient in the bread is plain old white flour. It is a great source of carbohydrates. This bread has the greatest amount of fiber among all other breads.

  • Whole Wheat Bread:

It is the bread that is made from flour that has is obtained after grinding of whole wheat grains. It is also known as brown bread.

  • Parmesan Oregano

This bread contains a high amount of fats. There are 210 calories in 1 serving of Parmesan Oregano. The ingredients required in order to make it includes cheese, garlic powder, sunflower oil, and breadcrumbs.

Two other types of bread that may be available at some outlets of subway France are Flat Bread and Wrap Bread.

  • Toppings:

The topping is basically a layer of food that is poured or spread over the base of different types of food. Subway is renowned for its delicious line up of cheeses, sauces, and veggies.

  • Cheese:-

Cheese is the basic ingredient of most subs and salads at subway. Customers can select from two options:

  • Grated Mix Cheddar Cheese:

It is a full-fat hard cheese. It has a medium color. It is a tasty mix of 4 different kinds of cheese. It is delicious to have in cheese sauce.