Subway Menu France


Subway is American fast food restaurant and has its franchises all over the world. Subway has its outlets in France also. The management at subway France outlets is very good. Along with good management, the food provided at Subway France outlets is also of excellent quality. Sandwiches, Salads, Breads, and Toppings are all hygienic and of excellent quality. The staff appointed at these outlets is a lot trained and they are always at the best when dealing with the customers. Customers have the facility of dine-in or take away. Moreover, customers can easily select their favorite vegetables which they want to have in their salads and sandwiches. For children, a special Children Menu has been kept that give them the option of selecting from Ham, Beef, Turkey or Veggie sandwiches. Side drinks have been kept also for the customers.

Franchises in France are mostly operating 14 hours a day and 7 days a week. Their usual timings are from 8 am in the morning till 10 pm at night. During this tenure, the staff at subway France franchises tries their level best in order to provide quality food to its customers along with great service. The biggest advantage which these franchises have as compared to franchises in other countries is that along with quality food, the prices are also very economical. These prices can easily be afforded by middle-class people as well.

There is a great list of the menu for the choice of customers. Out of the menu list, customers can order the food which they like to have. Online orders for dine-in, take away and free home delivery can also be given while contacting our website or contacting us via phone. For dine in, excellent and comfortable location is kept for the customers. A special area has been kept for families where they can thoroughly enjoy their food along with the great healthy environment. Overall French outlets of Subway are impressive and they are serving the customers at their best.


Subway Menu France serves:

The Breakfast

The Subs

Salads & Others

To share deal

Chips, drinks & desserts

Children menu

Breads and Toppings

They are providing subs in three different categories.