Subway Coffee

At subway Germany, special coffee is available at all outlets of Germany subway. This special coffee is different from other coffee due to the quality and uniqueness of taste. Coffee with fairy trade label is served by subway Germany. The coffee at subway Germany is pulled up by hand and environment friendly harvesting. Once you taste this coffee, you can easily recognize the difference from other coffees. Other hot drinks include fresh ground coffee, tea and hot chocolate. Here we are sharing 4 different types of coffees available in subway menu Germany.

  • Latte Macchiato:

It is a cold beverage. The method of preparation is that the milk is stained by the addition of espresso. It features more foam rather than simply hot milk. It is a layered drink. Its preparation method is very simple. Milk is melded and it produces generous foam. After that espresso is added into it. And the Latte Macchiato is prepared. It is nice coffee to have.

  • Cafe Crème:

It is a French coffee that is served with hot cream. It is an old name for Espresso. Espresso is basically a coffee that is made by passing boiling water through fine coffee beans. Its preparation method is different and hence has different tastes. It is specially drink during weathers.

  • Cappuccino:

It is an Italian coffee drink. It is prepared with Espresso, hot milk and steamed milk foam. Cream may be used instead of milk. It is smaller in volume than cafe latte. It is prepared with an espresso machine. It is served in a cup of 150-180ml.

  • Milchkaffee:

Milchkaffee is a coffee drink that is available in any cafe. It is strong and filter coffee that is filled in cup with hot milk. It is usually served with some butter cookies. Cocoa powder is often sprinkled on top. It is served unsweetened and is sweetened to taste before drinking. The proportions are fifty percent milk and fifty percent coffee.

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